Top 25 Node js Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Some might want to work on their database management skills, whereas others might intend to focus on increasing their Express.js knowledge. Candidates who also mention that Node.js can be used to generate database queries may have the knowledge required to join your development team. There are a few libraries that developers frequently use with Node.js, […]

AVIF vs WebP Which File Format is Better? Spoiler: AVIF

Content Choose “to webp” PNG SLOW LOADING The battle of WebP vs JPEG Compression AVIF vs WebP Upload, convert and transform FLIF images JPG and JPEG – Are Both the Same? Convert WebP to PNG (Photoshop) It also does not support non-RGB color spaces such as CMYK. This is why you might catch yourself asking […]

What is the average salary for a Node js developer in Toronto?

Content Nodejs Developer Average Hourly Wage in Saudi Arabia Senior Test Engineer (Cloud Applications) What’s the Average Node.js Developer Salary in the USA, Europe and in other countries of the world Why hire a Node.js developer for your business? Node.js Developer Salary in India Please note that the numbers are approximate and have been submitted […]