Step 1 A A. Why the 12-step Journey Begins with Powerlessness

Content I Don’t Understand the First Step – What is Unmanageability? What Groups Use Powerlessness to Benefit Recovery? What Does It Mean to Be Powerless? Alcoholism contributes to many physical and mental health issues, and even death. Federico is a certified A.D.T. who is bilingual is Spanish. He earned a Bachelor’s degree at Lincoln University […]

Alcohol and Memory Loss: Connection, Research, and Treatment

Content What Is Alcoholic Dementia? Diagnosing Alcohol-Related Dementia Risk of dementia and alcohol and wine consumption: a review of recent results Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Dementia and Cognitive Decline Among Older Adults With or Without Mild Cognitive Impairment Drinking and dementia: Is sobriety the solution? Should Someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia Drink Alcohol? Most […]

What Is A Halfway House? Halfway House Rules, Guidelines, & What To Expect

Content 7 Florida Sober Living Helpline What Are Common Rules at Sober Living Homes? Getting Help for Long-term Sobriety Transitional Care for Addiction And Alcoholism New Year’s Resolutions: A Guide for Recovering Addicts What Are the Common Rules in a Halfway House? Parties and other social outings are frequent triggers for alcohol or drug use, […]